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The Reception

The Reception
“Dear diary, I know it’s supposed to be the best day of my life; so why aren’t I happy?”

There was nobody to answer Lisa’s question. She was alone in the sumptuous bedroom, alone in the entire palatial bridal suite for that matter. “He’s let me come up here alone, I could scream!”

She knew where her new husband was of course, having a last drink with his golfing buddies in the bar next to the reception room to allow her time to get ready for him.

“Get ready for him. What about him getting ready for me? I know he’s just trying to be nice, but it’s not like it’s the first time we’re going to share a bed, after all we’ve lived together for two bloody years. I know he won’t drink too much down there; firstly he can drink any of them under the table at any time and secondly he was drinking blackcurrant squash instead of wine throughout the reception so everyone else will have had a huge head start on him. So he won’t be getting drunk at all, he could have come upstairs with me.”

A wicked giggle escaped her lips.

“You know, it would serve him right if I wasn’t here when he finally deigns to arrive. I wonder if the room next door is free.”

Her hand strayed toward the phone to ring the reception desk but she thought better of it and stopped the movement before it had properly begun.

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Romance stories are written under the nomme de plume of Marion Davids, and for straght historical work and sci-fi, he uses the name A.F. Allen. Alternative history stories are under his real name.

Will be published on 12-August-2009